LcdStudio Downloads
LcdStudio 2.1 Build 810

Note: LcdStudio 2.0 Requires the Microsoft dotnet framework 2.0 installed on your machine.

Changes since 806:
  • Fixed: Removed license check
    Changes since 722:
  • Fixed: Fraps not working.
  • Added: 64 bits support in the installer.
  • Added: X64 support for G15
  • Fixed: crash in playlist editor.
  • Fixed: Crash with firefox not registering itselve properly as default browser
  • Fixed: Crash while resizing widgets
  • Fixed: Crash when dragging items around in the script editor
  • Fixed: Crash when closing nodes in the dataview popup
  • Fixed: Crash when using context menu in the data view
  • Added: Close button in Config panel
  • Fixed: Installer packaging the wrong settings.xml file
  • Fixed: Crash of winamp on 64 bit systems.
  • Fixed: Volume plugin on vista.
  • Fixed: Peaks in winamp spectrum where 1 pixel too wide.
  • Fixed: last line + last pixel of the 2nd last line did not invert when invert was on in playlist mode.
  • Fixed: DataItem going missing while editing playlist.
  • Added: True/ false switch on regular playlist item activation.
  • Added: 32/64 Bits Operating System detection in SysMonitor plugin
  • Added: Windows Vista Edition Detection (Home/Ultimate/Webserver etc)
  • Fixed: Sysinfo.OS saying Unknown if no service pack was installed.
  • Added: audio volume in pct.
  • Fixed: Crash when playlist ran out of screens to show.
  • 3rd Party LcdStudio 2.0 Downloads
    06-01-2006 Ray

    uNki created a plugin that allows you to have some hotkeys
    see this thread on the forums for more information

    Download Here