Now Playing Plugin (Zune,WMP,MediaPlayerClassic,+)

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Now Playing Plugin (Zune,WMP,MediaPlayerClassic,+)

Postby Ahodgey » Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:48 pm

Hi all, Long time no post :)

Had a small project on my to do list for ages now to write a plugin to feed the now playing music data from the zune desktop software to LCDStudio (like the WMP and winamp plugins).

The zune desktop software has no published API and the only way I could find to get hold of this data was using the interface a number of media players have implemented which was intercepting the data sent by WMP, Zune and others to Windows messenger (Windows messenger will show now playing).

This exposes the following basic data

The plugin uses the GPL code of libmsnmsgruimanager ( This basically creates a hidden window called MsnMsgrUIManager that software like zune, wmp, winamp etc will send the now playing data to, as well as to messenger in my testing. There is one change in this code that removes the Window name "libMsnMsgrUI" as the zune software doesnt like this.

Compiled plugins are here

Source code is here

The following software can apparently send now playing data and this plugin should recieve it.

Windows Media Player
iTunes Client
Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Songbird (via the LiveTweeter extension)
VLC (VideoLan Client) Media Player (I couldnt make this work even though it looks like it should

See here for full definition of the libMsnMgrUI code
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Postby Ahodgey » Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:50 pm

Some basic instructions on how to add the now playing feature

WMP 11
1) Open Windows Media Player 11, options
2) Under the "Now Playing" tab, click "more Options"
3) In the "Plug-ins" tab there will be a category list box. In that list box click Background. To the right of it should be the "windows Live Messenger Music Plug-in" Make sure that is checked.

Media Player Classic
1) View options
2) tweaks
3) send now playing information to msn messenger

VLC 2.0.1 (didnt work for me)
1) tools, preferences
2) all settings radio button
3) interface
4) control interface
5) now playing
6) Zune

Have also noticed not all software output all tags correctly. Ie media player classic doesnt pass appname or album for some reason, this isnt my code as far as I can tell but that the app doesnt output the tags correctly.


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Postby Max3D » Thu May 16, 2013 8:39 am

Saddly didn't work with Spotify :?
by the way, thank's a lot :)

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