X3:Terran Conflict data plugin & companion script (relea

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X3:Terran Conflict data plugin & companion script (relea

Postby WokStation » Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:05 am

I've written a plugin for LCStudio and companion scripts for the game to monitor X3: Terran Conflict. The readme is geared more twoards X3 users than LCDStudio ones, but this won't be any use to you if you don't have X3TC anyway!

Many thanks to Spock for not just rolling his eyes at another n00b writing plugins.

DOWNLOAD (See readme for external requirements!)

The X3TC DataStream for graphics LCD displays and devices (including the Logitech G13, G15, and various little LCD displays) puts information from X3:Terran Conflict on your LCD while you play, refreshing itself every 5 seconds. From your current bank balance, to how many Salvage Insurances you have available, to how full your cargobay is, this mod means you won't have to open the ingame-menus to find out about them!

Archive includes three LCDStudio designs for 160x43 displays (G13/15 especially).
Pilot Status

Ship Status

Cargo Status
(Note: Things that don't fit, scroll).

Currently it exports over 15 bits of data to put on the LCD. It uses the script editor for starting/stopping, and a single bool Global Variable. Would like to change this into an AL plugin to make it easily turn-on-and-off-able, but have no idea how.
More data output is possible, I'm just worried about ragging the HDD and slowing up the game in combat.

Here's the readme:

esd's X3TC G13 Data Stream v1.1

What it does: Puts information from X3TC on your Graphics LCD device, including the Logitech G13/G15 GamePanel, every 5 seconds.

Uses: Log file log06077.txt

External Requirements:
LCDStudio (labelled the April 2011 GX Software Pack)

x3tcds-ShipStatus2.xds - design file for LCD Studio.
x3tcds-CargoStatus2.xds - design file for LCD Studio.
x3tcds-PilotStatus2.xds - design file for LCD Studio.
ShipStatus.png - how the design looks on a G13.
CargoStatus.png - how the design looks on a G13.
PilotStatus.png - how the design looks on a G13.
-X3Monitor.dll - Plugin for LCDStudio
-X3Monitor.Plugin - Plugin file for LCDStudio
-esd.g13PAW.Control.Start.xml - Script that starts X3 exporting the data.
-esd.g13PAW.Control.Deactivate.xml - Script that stops X3 exporting the data.
-esd.g13PAW.Control.xml - Control script. Don't run from SE.
-esd.g13PollAndWrite.xml - Data gathering/writing script. Don't run from SE.

UPGRADE INSTALL (If you previously installed esd's X3TC G13 Data Stream v1.0):

1. Delete your old playlists and designs - sorry, they're not backwards compatible. (If you've made any, you can edit them to work with the new plugin, but it means changing the data source on each element manually)
2. Place the X3Monitor.dll & X3Monitor.plugin file in the LCDStudio program folder.
2. Run LCDStudio.
3. Go to the Data View.
4. Open the X3TC Datastream tree.
5. Right click the top entry and choose "Remove custom variable".
6. Repeat step 5 for all entries in the X3TC Datastream tree.
7. Follow the New Installation instructions below, starting at step 10.

New Installation:

1. Put the scripts from the scripts folder into the \Egosoft\X3TC\Scripts folder.
2. Run X3TC.
3. Load your savegame.
4. Open the script editor, highlight esd.g13PAW.Control.Start and press R (run it).
-4a Select "null". Don't worry, it can be turned off.
-4b Press Enter on the script-summary screen to run.
5. Save and close X3. (This will have created the file log06077.txt in your My Documents\Egosoft\X3TC folder, which provides the data stream).
6. Install LCDStudio (unless you already have it installed).
7. Navigate to the LCD Studio program folder (typically C:\Program Files\LcdStudio).
8. Place the X3Monitor.dll and X3Monitor.plugin file from the archive there.
9. Run LCDStudio.
10. Go to Options and make sure the X3Monitor plugin is Checked.
11. Exit LCDStudio completely (not just exit to tray)
12. Put the three .xds files from the archive somewhere. Doesn't really matter where, but somewhere in My Documents is probably best.
13. Run LCDStudio.
14. Select "New Playlist".
15. Click "add" and find & select one of the .xds files.
16. Repeat step (15) for the other two .xds files.
17. Save the playlist somewhere.
18. Choose "exit and run from traybar".
19. Find it in your system tray. Right-click and choose "Playlist -> Load". Choose the playlist you created a moment ago.
20. Load X3, load your savegame, and enjoy!

How to run normally after install:
1. Make sure LCDStudio is running, and in the system tray (Exit and run from Traybar).
2. Load your playlist.
3. Run X3. As long as you didn't stop the polling, it should continue when you load.

(NB, on some devices, such as the G-series, you will have to use the device's buttons to select LCDStudio's output).

How to stop polling/uninstall the script:
1. Run X3.
2. Load your savegame.
3. Go to the script editor and run "esd.g13PAW.Control.Deactivate". Within 5secs, updates will stop.
4. The scripts and the log6077.txt file can now be deleted!


If you start a new savegame after running this, and run the start script, updates will fail. X3 will refuse to write to the log file. If updates seem frozen... delete the log file.

If log06077.txt doesn't exist when you start the playlist before running X3TC, on occasion the plugin doesn't spot when X3TC creates the file and so continues to display "No Data". To correct this, alt-tab from X3TC, right-click the LCDStudio icon in the system tray and re-load your playlist.

Parameters sent to LCDStudio:
Playing Time
Player Name
Player Cash
Ship Name
Current Sector
Current Sector Owner
Ecells aboard/JD-Fuel
Salvage Insurance
Hull %
Shield %
Cargo Used
Cargo Total Space
Cargo Manifest - single line
Trade Rank Title
% to next trade rank
Fight Rank Title
% to next fight rank

Additionally the following is created by the plugin from those parameters:
% Cargo space used.

Using LCDStudio you can create your own displays from this data, from bars to graphs and pie-charts. Customize as you wish. Any data requests, please put them in the thread at Egosoft.

Changing the update rate:
This cannot currently be done. Sorry.

1.1: Changed the way the LCDStudio portion was handled. No longer a big messy hodge-podge of Custom Variables, now a nice, neat plugin instead. Easier install/uninstall as a result.

DOWNLOAD (See readme for external requirements!)

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Terran Conflict

Postby spock » Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:59 am

Nice to see you've made it, mate. Now we need a few more people confirm that it's working properly, and I can include your plug-in in the Pantheon of Divine Plug-ins.
Take care!
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Postby Max3D » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:10 am

ummm maybe i should purchase the game from steam :)

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